Lithuania’s MRU the first European university to join Global Access Asia online course network

Mykolas Romeris University

There are 59 universities in the online course network, but MRU is the only European university.

“This is really the future,“ said MRU Prof. Renata Mienkowska-Norkienė, who is teaching the course Importance of Efficient Communication in Social Life. It will be offered on a trial basis this fall for students enrolled at MRU.

On September 1, Prof. Mienkowska-Norkienė was recognized by MRU Rector Assoc. Prof. Algirdas Monkevičius for her GAA lecture series. She was awarded the “Most Creative E-Studies Lecturer of the Year“ Prize.

She is the first MRU professor to teach a course online via this network.

The polyglot professor, who teaches not only in Lithuanian, German, and English, but also lectures in Polish at the University of Warsaw, is a trailblazing academic.

She said her online course includes 13 hours of lectures and two exams including a mid-term examination in November.

At first, she was apprehensive about placing lectures online, which would be accessible to everyone. She was concerned about intellectual property rights. But in the end, she overcame her fears.

Topics such as Negotiation and Mediation as well as Social Media Use in the Arab Spring, are covered as part of the course.

On August 24, Rector Monkevičius was in Korea to participate in the launch of the GAA network at Dongseo University (DSU) in Busan.

Later in the year, as the trial phase ends, MRU students will be able to take online courses in various subjects taught by Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian and other professors from Asian universities.

Some of the courses to be taught include “Fundamentals of Digital Communication,” “Understanding North Korean Culture,” and “Practically Perfect English,” to name a few.

Universities part of GAA use a platform developed by Korea’s Dongseo University (DSU) and Busan Digital University (BDU).

MRU students who choose to take the online courses will not be charged, and will be able to receive academic credit.

All lectures are in English. Courses are listed here.

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