Lithuania’s prosecutor general asked MP stripped of legal immunity in corruption case

Rimas Antanas Ručys
DELFI (J.Markevičiaus nuotr.)

Prosecutors say Ručys accepted 32,500 litas (EUR 9,382) from Lithuanian TV producer Rolandas Skaisgirys and also instigated and organized fraudulent book-keeping of several companies.

In Lithuania, members of the Seimas (parliament) enjoy legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted, arrested or put under any other restrictions on their freedom without the approval from the Seimas. Only the prosecutor general can ask parliament to strip an MP of his/her legal immunity.

Prosecutors say they want Ručys’ legal immunity lifted as part of the ongoing pre-trial investigation, announced by the Prosecutor General’s Office on 21 October, into possible public procurement corruption at the Ministry of the Interior. In all, five individuals have been detained in the case, including Skaisgirys who spent two days in detention.

Searches have also been carried out at the homes and offices of the suspects, including the office of Ručys at the parliament building. Prosecutors also confiscated Ručys’s computer.

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