Lithuania’s telecom Teo to hold public lectures on information warfare

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

This is a series of public and free-of-charge lectures, with Aleksandras Matonis, an expert of information warfare, defence and security, holding discussion sessions, Teo reports.

The topics of information warfare, disinformation and propaganda in the Lithuanian society and the media have become relevant since the start of the Ukrainian conflict. A deliberate pursuit to affect the mind-set, approach or collective consciousness and memory has been observed not only in TV news, but also in entertainment shows, movies, public events and even advertisements. However, identifying the pursuit to make a purposeful impact on citizens’ opinion is not that easy for experts either, Teo says.

“It is important for the society to have what to choose from, and to be able to recognize when it is being misled and what content may breach its right to self-expression or dignity. Thus education and understanding are the best preventive measures,” said Kęstutis Šliužas, CEO of TEO.

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