LRTK recommends to not expand restricted information list


Amendments submitted earlier by the commission’s chairman, which would prohibit news media from spreading information, which encourages mistrust and discontent with the Lithuanian state and its institutions are already being discussed in Seimas. The journalist community, which has been critical of the wording has warned that these proposals aim to limit criticism of the government.

Having deliberated on the matter, the full Radio and Television Commission believes that the existing restrictions are sufficient. Thus, it is proposed that before restricting information sources causing risks to Lithuania’s security, to charge the commission to consult with national security institutions.

“It is interesting, how those principles will be implemented. Currently the most important matter is to closely follow the full legislative process, first of all, what institutions specifically will be able to participate in making decisions and under what conditions they will operate, what safeguards will be established for those institutions to not abuse their position and would not have a particularly broad discretion o evaluate what is a threat to national security,” BNS news agency chief editor Vaidotas Beniušis told LRT Television.

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