Makers of Boxer infantry vehicles looking for subcontractors in Lithuania

DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

Under the plan, the Boxers for Lithuanian would be produced by German consortium Artec and Israeli company Rafael.

Artec representatives are this week meeting with representatives of six Lithuanian companies working in the area of metal processing.

“We need to know the potential of these companies, the capabilities, how many employees are working there,” Stephan Hanke of Artec told journalists at the Ministry of Economy in Vilnius.

In his words, Artec representatives are meeting with representatives of Lithuanian companies Kalvis, Plieno Fortas, Stevila, AQ Wiring Systems, MFilter and Nametas.

Rafael’s director for marketing and business development Yizhar Sahar could not say, however, which Lithuanian subcontractors his company would sign up. The Israeli company will produce turrets and antitank systems for the IFVs.

According to Sahar, all technical requirements for the IFVs will be known in late March or early April, and then his company will choose subcontractors in Lithuania.

“We truly believe that in order to make a successful project between two countries, we need to cooperate with local companies,” Sahar said.

Lithuania plans to sign the Boxer purchase contract in July, and the first IFVs will arrive in 2017.

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