Mauricas in Energy Forum on energy market situation and trends in the Baltic States

Energy Forum with Mauricas

We would like to invite your readers to join the 9th “Energy Forum. Traditional & Renewable”.  The Energy Forum is different this year: an annual international conference and a one-time yearly event with a limited number of participants turned into an online cluster. The Forum covers the energy sector and security in the Baltic Sea Region, the situation in the energy market, and outlines the perspectives of traditional, green and smart energy.

This time we would like to invite you to watch a discussion with Žygimantas Mauricas,  Chief Economist at Luminor Lithuania.  Mr Maricas discussed the energy market situation and trends in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

COVID-19 recession was milder and shorter than expected, with the Lithuanian economy already surpassing pre-crisis levels. Hence, Lithuania should leave the crisis mindset behind and focus not on how to recover but on how to grow by transforming its economy to a higher level of productivity ladder.

Rising energy consumption during the post-crisis period will increase price pressure as well as pressure to decarbonise the energy and manufacturing sector.

Watch the video:

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