Minimum wage may rise to EUR 430 next January – PM

“It could be between 420 and 430 euros,” he said on LRT Radio on Tuesday morning.

According to the prime minister, the Tripartite Council should adopt the position that the minimum wage has to be linked to the Finance Ministry’s average monthly earnings projections.

The government’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to 420 euros, which was based on earlier estimates, is likely be revised slightly upwards after the ministry improved its forecasts on September 12, he said.

The Tripartite Council, which brings together the government, some employers and trade unions, is expected make on Tuesday its final decision on an increase in the minimum wage in early 2019.

Trade union representatives say they will stick to their position that the minimum wage should be raised to 450 euros.

Employers, meanwhile, call for setting different minimum wages for Vilnius and for regions outside of the capital.

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