‘Mongolia and Lithuania are both small, brave and proud nations’ – Honorary Consul

Sanjsuren Boldbaatar horseback riding with his family

This is part of new series by the Lithuania Tribune which is talking to honorary consuls scattered all over the globe about their role promoting the country, about their links with Lithuania, how they build connections between their own country and Lithuania, and how they view the country from abroad.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sanjsuren Boldbaatar. I was born in 1966 in Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia. And after graduating the primary school I went to former Soviet Union, currently the Ukraine and studied for a qualification in open pit mining exploration. I spent a short period working as the head of an operating unit in one coal mine in 1987-1989 – I also served in Army in 1989-1990 – before pursuing a career in business.

Mongolia had started to change politically as a result of mass democratic movements and had started to become open democratic country. And as I was a young energetic man at that time I decided to study the English language as an international language and studied English in the Mongolian Foreign Languages University, after which I decided to prove myself in the business sector.

Since then I have spent almost 20 years building businesses and as of today I’ve achieved quite good results as a businessman, running a group of five companies that are operating successfully in the tourism, oil supply and financing sectors of Mongolia.

What triggered your interest in Lithuania?

My tour company – Jules Verne Mongolia – provided tours to some business delegations from Lithuania in 2012-2013. That triggered an interest in becoming an honorary consul of Lithuania and in developing cooperation between the two countries. Later on I heard that the former Ambassador to China, Lina Antanavicius had asked the former Minister of Foreign Affairs for Mongolia, Luvsanvandan Bold, to find a reliable candidate for HC of Lithuania. And when Luvsanvandan Bold has offered to me the opportunity to become a Honorary Consul to represent the Republic of Lithuania’s affairs in Mongolia, I was quite surprised but I knew Lithuania had many similarities with Mongolia.

Both of our peoples and countries have great history and today they’re small, brave and proud nations. Our peoples have passed many challenges, including the communist period, repression and depression, but today our countries are fully independent free and democratic countries.

This is not your full-time occupation, but could you describe the schedule of an Honorary Consul of Lithuania? Is it a hard work?

It is not a hard work at all to represent Lithuania in Mongolia. My schedule as an Honorary Consul of Lithuania is currently not much overloaded, but I deal with whatever matters come up each and every time, whenever needed.

What is your next big project in the capacity of being an Honorary Consul of Lithuania?

First of all I’m planning translate into the Mongolian language books about Lithuanian history and some famous books of Lithuanian authors. I am also looking to support Lithuanian companies to find partners in Mongolia and develop their business cooperation in the various sectors.

What is the biggest challenge you face when promoting the Lithuania brand in your country? What should we do better?

The biggest challenge is lack of knowledge or information among Mongolians about Lithuania. Logistical problems, commercial tariffs and inspection papers will be more challenging to compete with other worldwide brands, which are better known and lower priced products.

How would you describe your country’s relationship with Lithuania?

I think both our countries are building strong democratic societies and we have same values, we value freedom and human rights.

What are some of your favourite hobbies?

My biggest and favourite hobby is tourism and travelling. Also horse back riding and reading books.

What is your favourite thing about Lithuania?

My favorite thing about Lithuania is its heroic history and constant effort for freedom and democracy.

If you could describe Lithuania in one word, what would it be?

Progress – a prospering country!

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