More than half of married women in Lithuania feel financially insecure

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

Based on the survey, 62 percent of women indicated that their partner (husband) was the biggest earner in the household. Twenty-seven percent of women said they earned as much as their partner, while 11 percent said they were the ones who sustained their family.

Forty-three percent of the polled women said they did not feel financially secure because they earned a small, albeit regular income, while 27 percent said they had debts and 15 percent admitted they were not discussing or planning finances with their family members.

Only 9 percent of women said they felt completely financially secure. As much as 73 percent of respondents linked greater sense of security to sound financial situation. Sixty-five percent said that support by relatives would make them feel secure. Meanwhile 62 percent responded that good health would help them feel more secure.

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