Most Lithuanian farmers receive direct payments

Baltic farmers protest against discriminatory EU payment policy
DELFI (P.Garkausko nuotr.)

Although payment deadline is 30 June 2015, specialists of the National Paying Agency (NMA) seek for the support to reach Lithuania’s farmers promptly. Once last payments are paid, more than 70 percent of 140,000 farmers who filled in declarations will have received support.

102,000 beneficiaries received payments for the first hectares, a total of LTL 70 million (EUR 20.27 million).

Based on a special support scheme, payments are distributed for milk. 26,000 beneficiaries received LTL 22 million (EUR 6.37 million) in such support in 2014. Additional national direct payments are paid to dairy producers – approximately 40,000 farmers received LTL 62 million (EUR 17.95 million).

In the last days of 2014 direct payments were started to be distributed for white sugar, 891 beneficiaries were paid LTL 15 million (EUR 4.34 million).

Direct payments will continue to be distributed next year as well.

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