New blood processing equipment donated to Ukraine

The blood processing equipment at the blood centre in Donetsk region is very old, dating to Soviet times, according to the members of the Riflemen’s Union. The centre itself is located near the border with the territory, occupied by the separatists.

Through a range of fundraising initiatives the riflemen collected €17,000 in donations to fund the new equipment for the Ukrainian facility.

“They need other things too, and we believe that, if we find suppliers who are willing to sell at reduced prices or even give something for free, we will continue to supply that, as our support for the Ukrainian group will continue to foster the blood centre, which is the only blood centre left in the region, because the other ones are either destroyed or in occupied territories,” said Joana Bikulčienė, the director of the National Blood Centre, a member of the Riflemen’s Union support for the Ukrainian group.


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