New car sales on the rise in Lithuania

In total, 102,500 new and used car deals were closed in the second quarter of 2014, which is 2.3 percent more year-on-year. According to motor vehicle ad site, the average used and new car prices in April-June were LTL 10,500 (EUR 3,000) and LTL 70,900 (EUR 20,500) respectively. Compared to the same period of 2013, the average price of used vehicles remained the same, while the price of new cars decreased by LTL 2,100 (EUR 600). The data shows that the price of 6-10 year old diesel cars grew by LTL 1,000 (EUR 290) and the average price currently is LTL 16,700 (EUR 4,840).

Older diesel car prices went down. The average price of diesel cars produced 11-15 years ago decreased by LTL 300 (EUR 87) and reached LTL 7,000 (EUR 2,029). While prices of diesel cars produced 16-21 years ago decreased by LTL 100 (EUR 29) and reached LTL 3,700 (EUR 1,072).

Prices of older petrol cars also decreased and now the average price of cars made 11-15 years ago is LTL 5,600 (EUR 1,623), which is LTL 400 (EUR 116) below the average price last year. While the average price of cars made 16-20 years ago is LTL 2,300 (EUR 667), which is LTL 100 (EUR 29) below that in 2013.

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