New proposal could allow seizures of assets of Lithuanian organized crime gangs

ARAS officers making an arrest
Stop kadras

According to lž, the Organized Crime Prevention and Control law proposed by the Seimas task group would allow police create a list of the most dangerous organized crime groups. People who are members of or are somehow related to a group named on the list could be subjected to asset seizures or demands to declare and validate their assets without any official warning.

Another suggestion is the expansion of the legal obligations that can be applied by courts – restrictions on the operation of a vehicle, requirements to notify officials of all deals worth more than 40 minimum social payments, temporary restrictions or prohibitions from business, commercial, financial or professional activities. An extraordinary preventative measure could also be the confiscation of invalidated assets or income reaching values of more than €15,000.

Artūras Paulauskas, who is the head of the Seimas’ National Security and Defense Committee and also headed the task group, said that the legal amendment will obligate people on the list to provide asset declarations, and restrictions will be able to be placed on individuals before any cases have been begun.

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