New research centres will make Lithuania “innovative” – President, PM

DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“When I was reading papers stating that Lithuania produces 10% of scientific lasers in the world, it sounds good but until you see and feel it, to cannot realize that. When you read that production of biotechnology in Lithuania exceeds the European average ten times, it also seems only on paper.

“But when you see yourself, you realize that Lithuania has prospects and that Lithuania will definitely be an innovative country. Science in Lithuania today is like a blooming flower as we open two very important world-class research centre,” the president said during the opening ceremony.

The prime minister said these centres involve the best things Lithuania ha to offer, including world-class scientists and talented youth as well as the most sophisticated equipment.

“Today we are witnesses to a dream coming true. Lithuania’s mecca of science has been opened. Scientists who work here create almost two thirds of Lithuania’s scientific products, measured by the number of publications and patents,” the prime minister said.

The construction of the Joint Centre for Life Sciences and National Centre of Physical and Technological Sciences cost €49.5 million and €69.2 million. Both projects were co-funded by Lithuania and the EU.

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