New York Times reporter spends weekend in Vilnius

DELFI / Ainis Gurevičius

“Unlike the historic districts of its Baltic siblings Tallinn and Riga, which often seem solely the dominion of tourists and kitschy souvenir stands, the Baroque Old Town of Lithuania’s capital seems to attract as many – if not more – locals as visitors to its sinuous lanes,” she writes.

“With streets lined with Burberry and Max Mara outposts as well as boutiques by Lithuanian designers, the charming 13th-century historic center labyrinth flows seamlessly into the newer boulevards, and remains a deeply integrated part of the local fabric. Much of Vilnius retains its bleak Soviet-era sprawl, which you’ll pass on the 10-minute drive from the airport, but it’s a city in transition – and with Lithuania’s adoption of the euro this year, expect the city that’s often heralded as one of the cheapest in Europe to become even more accessible to travelers.”

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