Over 120 Lithuanian border guards convicted of corruption in 10 years

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Most of the criminal offences relate to two activities, taking money in return for a smooth border crossing and secondly assisting smugglers crossing the border, according to Darius Skarnulis, head of the State Border Guard Service fraud investigation division.

There are a growing number of cases where arrival or departure stamps are put illegally on documents. In some rarer cases, border guards have made deals with smugglers to allow them to bring smuggled cigarettes stashed in hidden compartments in their vehicles.

Some border guards have also been caught allowing stolen vehicles to leave Lithuania and there have also been cases of border guards’ involvement in the smuggling of illegal immigrants.

For border guards working on the so-called “green line” on the border with Belarus, the service said there are cases every year where border guards are caught assisting contraband smugglers by providing information about the position of Lithuanian border guards and their movements.

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