PM candidate has proposal on original name-spelling in passports

Polish and Lithuanian flags
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Up until now, politicians have been discussing two ways of spelling first and last names containing non-Lithuanian characters, for instance, w. The first proposal is to allow the use of non-Lithuanian letters on the main page of passports, while the second is to have the original spelling on an additional page.

Skvernelis said he had a third version but refused to elaborate further.

“I indeed have a solution, which I do not yet want to name in public yet. I have a very rational proposal to solve the name-spelling issue. I only have to review some technical details, which I will do shortly,” said the ruling Peasant and Green Union’s candidate for prime minister, adding that his solution would “defend our fundamental things, such as the language in the spirit of common sense.”

Some politicians have said that the main pa ge should feature both names, the original and the Lithuanian one.

Skvernelis emphasized the need to send a signal of good will to Poland, pledging to make his first foreign visits to Warsaw and Riga, if possible.

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