PM doubts if complete ban on alcohol advertising is possible

Alcohol in Norfa shopping centre
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

“I think that in adopting the law, we need to look at how it will function in practice and at our possibilities to enforce it. I do have certain doubts as to possibilities to technically solve this when it comes to portals, sources outside the Republic of Lithuania’s jurisdiction. It is quite complicated in technical and legal terms,” he said on the Žinių Radijas radio station.

The prime minister thinks that any alcohol-related restrictions must be adequate.

“As to the restrictions and controls, we should not tie all restrictions and restrictions of access (to alcohol) to absolute control. We have to see to it that all restrictions and sanctions are adequate, proportionate,” he said.

The government in mid-April backed legislative proposals aimed at further restricting access to alcohol and alcohol advertising. If these amendments were passed by the parliament, alcohol advertising would be completely banned.

Two legislative packages have been table to the parliament. The proposed measures include setting up specialized alcohol stores, raising the legal age for purchasing alcohol, and cutting back the hours during which alcohol can be sold legally. The bills also call for a ban on alcohol advertising.

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