PM initiates probe into Lithuania’s Public Security Service

Public Security Service
DELFI / Ainis Gurevičius

“Problems listed in the article are very serious and must be thoroughly examined. If the information is verified, then prompt measures must be taken to improve the situation. Therefore, I have instructed the head of VSD and the interior minister to carry out a comprehensive investigation,” Prime Minister Butkevičius said in a statement.

According to the head of Government, increased attention is devoted for security in Lithuania, thus any concern must be taken seriously, analysed in detail and measures must be foreseen how to ameliorate the situation.


On Tuesday, DELFI published an interview with the new commander of VST Colonel Ričardas Pocius. The officer has disclosed the mess he found in the organisation, redundant positions, protectionism and employment of relatives, poor provision of equipment and weaponry, the use of VST for private businesses, officers disloyal to Lithuania, etc.

Previously VST was under the command of General Sergejus Madalovas for 25 years.


As reported, the Chief Official Ethics Commission (VTEK) found that former VST commander Madalovas violated the law when he was dealing with the matters of service of closely related persons. He made decisions favouring his daughter, grandson, the son-in-law’s sister, niece and niece’s son – awarded them bonuses, granted higher categories of personnel certification and ranks, transferred them to other duties.

VST is responsible for public safety, the safety of prisons, transportation of convicted or arrested persons, search for escapees, protection of objects of national importance, public order and safety in extreme and usual situations.

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