Poland rejects EU criticism as ‘unwarranted’

Witold Waszczykowski. Foto: MSZ RP

“What right the Commission has to judge anything?” Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said on Polish state radio, just hours before meeting with EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini. “It is not binding for us. We treat this document that has arrived as an opinion, as a suggestion.”

The European Commission attacked many of the new Polish government’s actions on Wednesday, including moves that have hamstrung the independent of the country’s constitutional court triggering international censure and domestic opposition against the ruling Law and Justice party.

However, Waszczykowski poured scorn on the EU assessment yesterday, AP reported.

The government insists the changes it has made to Poland‘s constitutional court, state media and police are Poland’s business and should not concern EU leaders.

Despite the Polish foreign minister’s comments, the EU’s Mogherini was diplomatic, saying Poland is a “very strong member” of the EU family with strong convictions about its membership.

“The fact that Poland is contributing to the European Union in such a determined way is something that we appreciate very much,” Mogherini said.

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