Polish dairy farmers target Lithuanian market

Agnieszka Maliszewski, the head of the Chamber of Milk, said Polish dairy products can successfully compete in Lithuania not only on quality but also on price because of the country’s milk production costs are lower due to more energy-efficient technologies and a cheaper labour force.

“Last year, exports to Lithuania of Polish dairy products rose by 7% while €81 million of Polish dairy products were exported to the Baltic countries as a whole. It is expected that sales will continue to increase due competitive pricing and offering greater choice, ” said Polish Embassy in Lithuania spokesman Henryk Szymanski.

“Lithuanian cheese quality in most cases is higher than the production of other EU countries, but here it there is too little of it made and the range is too narrow,” said dairy market expert Andrzej Babuchowski.

The Polish Embassy in Vilnius together with the country’s Chamber of Milk yesterday revealed plans to promote their dairy products more strongly in Lithuania to grab the attention of Lithuanian consumers.

Poland mainly imports raw milk, sour cream and buttermilk from Lithuania and aims to export more cheese, butter, fermented milk products, according to Babuchowski.


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