Precision rifles bought from Belgium arrive in Lithuania

DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

The new weapons will be used for equipping the Lithuanian Land Force.

“Our focus in the modernization of the Lithuanian Armed Forces is the soldier, while we aim at providing them properly with modern equipment as we seek to ensure that a soldier’s tasks are completed. Precision rifles are a step along this road,” Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas says.

The FN SCAR-H precision rifles were bought from FN Herstal, a Belgian enterprise that won a public procurement tender.

The total purchase value stands at around EUR 2.78 million. The deal was endorsed in December 2013.

Under the contract, the Lithuanian Armed Forces purchased semiautomatic FN SCAR-H PR precisions rifles with Smidt&Bender riflescopes. The rifles are effective at maximum range of 600 metres, fire standard NATO 7.62×51 mm munitions and have 3-12x riflescope zoom.

Infantry sharpshooter is responsible for destroying critical enemy targets which requires weaponry with better precision fire characteristics and more suitable for delivering precision fire over longer distances than regular infantry weapons. Incorporation of precision rifles will increase combat capacity of the Lithuanian Land Force.

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