Record-low cold reported in Lithuania overnight

DELFI / Kęstutis Cemnolonskis

This season’s lowest temperatures were reported in Lithuania overnight.

“Until last night, temperatures had not dropped below -20 degrees Celsius,” Vida Ralienė, the head of the forecasting division of the Lithuanian Weather Service, told BNS on Friday.

The coldest night was reported in Molėtai, eastern Lithuania, with temperatures of -26C. Southern Lithuania enjoyed somewhat warmer temperatures of -15–16C, western Lithuania reported temperatures of -14–18C and temperatures in the rest of the country were -21–24C.

In her words, the latest record can be broken in the nearest nights, which should also bring major frost.

“It will not be in all of Lithuania, however, certain parts may have a lower temperature, as cold weather is not leaving Lithuania and will continue next week,” said Ralienė.

Some of the nights may be warmer, however, will feature snowfall and strong winds.

Ralienė said the cold weather will continue for another few weeks.

“Spring is not coming and long-term forecasts suggest that this and the next week and the week after should be colder than usual in this time of the year in Lithuania. Winter came late and is in no rush to leave us,” she added.

Temperatures for the hearest night should be -13–17C, while daytime temperatures should be -10–11C amid partly cloudy skies and occasional rainfall.

The night to Sunday should bring temperatures of -15–20C and daytime temperatures should be around -7–13. Early next week, nighttime temperatures should drop to -23C.

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