Restrictions and regulations on gambling and gambling in Lithuania in 2022

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According to written sources, during the pandemic, the revenue of remote gaming in Lithuania alone increased by as much as 345 per cent. It adds up to almost 100 thousand million euros.

It is clear that the internet is dominated by gambling that attracts players with unlimited bets and winnings. As a result, the Responsible Gaming Business Association was established in Lithuania at the end of last year. It will actively be sought to ensure that players have only a safe and fun gaming experience and can enjoy gaming in a competitive but well-regulated environment. The gambling market must operate and grow responsibly, in accordance with the legal requirements set by the relevant authorities.

It is worth mentioning that gambling was legalized in Lithuania only a little over twenty years ago. Gambling regulations approved by the country’s government have changed quite significantly during this period. Public attitudes towards these activities have also become more mature and responsible. You can find a list of reputable online casinos here:

Currently, it is prohibited in Lithuania to organize gambling activities both in such public places that are accessible to children or teenagers and on websites dedicated to them. This list includes public places such as museums, libraries, shops, schools, cultural institutions, theatres, medical institutions, post offices, credit and other public institutions.

In addition, anyone wishing to gamble must prove their age by providing proof of identity valid at the time. This is to prevent gambling by people under the age of 18. It should be noted that gambling organized both at gambling houses and online casino sites can only be played by persons who have already reached the age of 21.

Moreover, any gambler can submit a request to restrict themselves from gambling. Its duration is usually at least 6 months. In such cases, the person is prohibited from access to gambling and gambling services. Only that person may withdraw his/her application or reduce its duration.

It is true that those who organize and supervise gambling and gambling activities cannot gamble themselves. In addition, gambling companies and their websites cannot provide any loans to players. No bank cards are accepted at regular casinos. Payments are only made in cash. Of course, this provision does not apply to online gambling sites. This policy is applied to encourage only responsible gambling.

Another very important provision is that the advertising of gambling is prohibited in Lithuania. Only the name, trademark and types of gambling services provided by the gambling operator may be displayed in the advertisement. Also, the distribution of any gambling-related information in the literature or on websites aimed at children and adolescents is generally prohibited. One more important fact is that in any gambling/betting advertisement a text must appear stating that gambling can lead to an addiction or a pathological urge to gamble. This, again, is done to not encourage gambling and prevent irresponsible gambling.

In summary, in the Republic of Lithuania, it is completely prohibited to promote participation in gambling activities. In other words, the dissemination of information about it or any other form of persuasion to players is not permitted by any means or in any other form. This includes any special events, test games, any promotions, game discounts and other gifts that promote gambling.

According to a recent decree of the government, from July this year, higher taxes will be applied to gambling activities, and from 2023 to lottery businesses. This can severely limit the supply of gambling services to players. Nevertheless, the main goal should remain to educate the public on how to gamble and entertain moderately and responsibly, to change and clarify the image of the gambling business and, above all, to develop and successfully use self-regulatory measures to ensure a healthy and safe gaming environment for gamblers.

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