Russian gas to Kaliningrad will flow through Lithuania for 10 more years

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The agreement, based on which Amber Grid currently transports natural gas to Kaliningrad through Lithuania, is valid until the end of 2015. In the new agreement, signed on 24 December 2015, Amber Grid and Gazprom agreed to continue transporting Kaliningrad’s gas through Lithuania for 10 years: from 1 January 2016 until 31 December 2025.

The agreement stipulaties capacities of 10.5 million m3/ day at the System Entry Point at the Belarusian Transmission System and the same capacities at the System Exit Point in the Kaliningrad Region. Any additional capacities at these points or at other Entry Points would have to be agreed upon separately according to the Rules for the Use of the Natural Gas Transmission System of Amber Grid.

The annual revenue from the gas transmission services under the newly signed agreement will amount to €10 – 11 million, which is in line with the current revenues generated by these services.

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