Russian warplanes observed near Baltic borders 4 times last week

Royal Canadian Air Force F-18 „Hornet“ jets in Lithuanian sky
A.Rapševičiaus nuotr.

Lithuania’s Defence Ministry said that NATO fighter-jets serving in the Baltic air-policing mission were scrambled four times on November 17-23.

A Russian military fighter aircraft SU-27 was flying above neutral waters next to the Baltic states in accordance to a flight plan but without the automatic transponder.

A Russian electronic intelligence airplane IL-20 flew near Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia three times, including twice with the transponder switched off and once without a flight plan and the transponder.
No violations of the Lithuanian air-space were reported over the period.

On Mondays, Lithuania’s Defence Ministry is publishing data about Russian warships causing scramble of NATO fighter-jets from Air Force Aviation Base in Šiauliai, northern Lithuania. More than 100 scrambles occurred this year.

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