Santaka Valley KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre: Architectural vision of synergy

KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre

This synergy is reflected in the very architectural construction of the Centre created by Gražina Janulytė-Bernotienė, Rimantė Lydytė and Erikas Klinavičius.

“The composition of the Centre is the reflection of the concept of Yin and Yang, where two apparently opposite or even contrasting forces complement each other in action,” says Janulytė-Bernotienė, introducing the architectural idea of the project.

The 13,000-square-metre space of the KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre is spread across integral composition of two contrasting constructions: the horizontal five-floor building for research facilities and a vertical eight-floor building for business companies. The two buildings are connected via an intersection of universal premises containing informational centres, exposition spaces and other facilities.

The internal space of the building can adapt to the needs of users: for example, the conference hall sitting 400 people can be easily transformed into two separate auditoriums.

In the upper floors of the research building the laboratories are lined around the “well” of sunlight; the glass walls and the partitions between different rooms allow extensive use of natural lighting. The ground floor hosts special laboratories. The façade of the building, constructed of the double glass sheets with the integrated metal beam grid, creates the impression of its light external construction.

Two elegant pillars holding the structure of the research building form the symbolic gates to the KTU campus. Inviting atmosphere formed by greenery and natural wood appliances at KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre’s internal courts and its surroundings reflects the main function of a university campus: it is a place where young people exchange their progressive ideas.

“It is a modern Scandinavian style complex which is individual and rational at the same time. It sustains the space and form balance characteristic to the KTU campus, expressing its architectural and urban mission,” says Janulytė-Bernotienė.

The new KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre is an important Kaunas city landmark providing functional space for various science, business and cultural events. The Centre will become an important hub of knowledge and culture which will be used for universal urban activities.

KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre. Facts

The new Centre in figures: 350 work places and 9 thousand square meters for research facilities, 89 million Litas (almost 26 million Euros) worth research equipment installed and more than 150 million Litas (almost 44 million Euros) invested in the project overall.


It is predicted that within three years following the opening, KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre will host 40 young technological enterprises which will develop their business in the Technological Business Incubator coordinated by KTU Regional Science Park. Almost all the office space is already taken. Open access business laboratories will occupy 490 square meters, premises for start-up activities will take up to 650 square meters and conference and events space – 700 square meters. 345 square meters will be devoted to the exhibition zone where the researchers and technological enterprises will exhibit the products and prototypes.


KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre will host the equipment and resources for carrying out research in the areas of sustainable chemistry and biopharmacy, future energy, mechatronics and telecommunication technologies, which are of upmost importance for developing the economical competitiveness of the country.

National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre which coordinates research services will be able to offer more than 1 thousand specialized services.

The new Centre will host:

  • Prof Kazimieras Baršauskas Ultrasound Research Institute
  • Institute of Materials Science
  • Biomedical Engineering Institute
  • Health Telematics Science Institute
  • Real Time Computing Centre
  • Institute of Synthetic Chemistry

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