Suspected cause of conscript’s death revealed as two more are hospitalised

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

According to press representative Captain Donatas Suchockis, the hospital in Kaunas will be able to verify the soldiers’ diagnoses. “So far, I don’t know what they suspect, they reassured me that it’s nothing like meningitis, in this case. They only want to confirm a diagnosis,” he said.

A heightened concern about soldiers’ health came in the wake of the death of conscript Mindaugas Jurkus, a young soldier who was reported to be very healthy and without any complaints before rapidly deteriorating and dying due to an as-of-yet unconfirmed illness.

Suchockis indicated that the soldiers hospitalised today have fevers with temperatures reaching 38 degrees, and that tick bites had also been found. “However, the soldiers have been vaccinated against encephalitis,” said Suchockis.

The army has not currently observed a higher-than-normal rate of hospitalisations among its soldiers.

It is suspected that Jurkus, the conscript who died on Monday morning, died due to meningitis. “Those are the initial conclusions of the test, which can still change once we receive the final results,” said Suchockis. According to him, those who had come into contact with Jurkus will receive antibiotics.

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