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Opinion: Is Minsk the end, or just the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine?

There is no doubt who gained most from the deal reached in Minsk on February 12th to end the conflict in Ukraine: Russian President Vladimir Putin. At a minimum, a frozen conflict will block Ukraine’s progress towards NATO and the EU; and if fighting resumes, the terms of the ceasefire will leave Ukrainian forces in a weaker position than now. […]

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Ukraine peace talks: What are the goals and the stakes?

While Ukraine‘s government forces are fighting pro-Russia separatists in the eastern Donbass region, Western leaders are engaging in a tense diplomacy game with Russian President Vladimir Putin. […]

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Opinion: Are Merkel and Obama indeed appeasing Russia?

For over a decade now we in Lithuania are being told that Germany is always indulging Russia. This line of criticism has lost some steam recently, after Angela Merkel played a crucial role in adopting hard sanctions on Russia. However, recent efforts by her and French President François Hollande to find a diplomatic solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict have rekindled suspicions that there are plans to indulge Russia and betray Ukraine. […]


Chancellor Merkel and President Obama discuss Ukrainian situation as fewer options remain to resolve crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited United States President Barack Obama in the White House on Monday. The visit, which had been planned for some time, saw both leaders discuss a wide array of trade and security issues. The recent developments in Ukraine, with Russia destabilizing the country, dominated a large part of the talks and the hour-long joint press conference that followed. The press conference was attended by Vice-President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Ambassador Susan Rice. […]

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Lithuanian president says she trusts Merkel and rejects fears of “second Munich”

Amid fears by some politicians of a new “Munich Agreement” in talks on the situation in eastern Ukraine, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė has said that she trusts that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not betray Ukraine or Lithuania. […]

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Angela Merkel and John Kerry the most active global policy figures, Lithuanian foreign minister says

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius, US Secretary of State John Kerry and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were distinctly active in foreign policy this year. Linkevičius also noticed that the role of personalities has been giving way to coordinated work of institutions and international organisations. […]