Arvydas Juozaitis

Arvydas Juozaitis. Emmanuel Macron’s “Napoleonism”

The era of pompous propaganda is quickly nearing its end. Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that Europe can no longer rely on the USA and he will thus seek to create a new European […]

No Picture

US defense budget law includes call for bolstering Baltic air policing mission

US President Donald Trump has signed a law on the country’s defense budget for the next year, adopted by the Congress. Among other things, it includes a call to change NATO‘s Baltic air policing mission’s mandate into that of an air defense mission. […]

Virginijus Savukynas

V. Savukynas. What are Lithuania’s interests?

One need not be knowledgeable in politics to be able to say that we live in a period of change. Putin‘s Russia is unpredictable and aggressive, seeking to break down the world order developed after […]

Žygimantas Pavilionis

Žygimantas Pavilionis. Putin-Trump meeting, do we have the strength to face this challenge?

Putin is winning? While the Russian national team dropped out of the football championship, just the championship itself was a propaganda victory for Putin. Millions of people, drawn to screens, which among other things were […]