Vytautas Dumbliauskas

Opinion: Why is Russia raising stakes in east Ukraine?

Why have we seen an intensification of military action in eastern Ukraine? Government forces report that Russian troops are pushing towards not just Donetsk Airport, but essentially in all directions. This way, all previous predictions about how the military conflict will only smoulder during the winter but won’t advance have burst like soap bubbles. Fierce fighting has recommenced, civilians are dying as well as soldiers. […]

Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko

Opinion: So long sucker or how Putin’s propaganda succeeded in playing the extremists

In the 1950s, Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Forbes Nash invented a Machiavellian game entitled So Long Suckers. To win, a player had to game, and ultimately betray, his adversaries. Today, as they sit in frozen trenches in what was once aptly named the Wild Fields, it looks as if the soldiers of the ‘Union of People’s Republic’ are the ones that have been played. […]

Barackas Obama and Vladimir Putin

Opinion: Are Baltic states in danger?

The situation is Ukraine has gotten more ominous. Additional armed Russian troops have entered the country’s territory a week ago, accompanied by heavy weaponry and tanks. This mobilization of Russia‘s armed forces is not the first such occurrence, but the significance lies in its timing on the eve of several high-profile international meetings. […]

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US Condemns illegal separatist elections in eastern Ukraine

The United States condemned in harsh terms the illegitimate elections held on Sunday by Russia-backed separatists in parts of Donetsk and Luhansk, National Security Council Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan described the ‘elections’ as sham. […]

Andrey Piontkovsky

Andrey Piontkovsky: Putin plans to play poker, not chess

Russian president Vladimir Putin intends to blackmail the West with a nuclear weapon. So says Russian policy expert Andrey Piontkovsky. He reasons that if the “little green men” and Russian troops turn up in Estonia, for example, Vladimir Putin would warn NATO not to intervene because that would be a Russian World affair and he’d threaten to use nuclear weapons if the Alliance took military action against him. […]

Foreign affairs

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry’s statement on elections in Ukraine

We congratulate the people of Ukraine for expressing their will in free and democratic early elections to Verkhovna Rada and for choosing European future. […]