Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania

Foreign policy on old rails

Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius spoke on the new government programme implementation plan‘s foreign policy priorities and explained that the main goals over the next four years will be national security and economic diplomacy. […]

The Kremlin

Eurasian Economic Union – reality or fiction?

Operating since 2015, the Eurasian Economic Union formed (EEU) over a relatively short period of time, and passed through all three stages of integration – from the customs union established in 2010 to the single market in 2012, culminating with the integrated economic union, which included coordination of the individual state economic policies starting in 2015. In principle, this inclusive structure and institutional framework is very similar to the European Union (EU), the difference being that the latter’s integration process, covering not only the single internal market but also various policies, took place over almost 40 years. The integration process arises from the bottom up. […]

Rumen Radev Bulgaria's President - elect

Pro-Russian wins in Eastern Europe poses challenges for Lithuania

Victories of pro-Russian candidates in presidential elections in Moldova and Bulgaria will make it more difficult for Lithuania to find allies on many issues on the European Union’s (EU) agenda, Lithuanian political scientist Linas Kojala says. […]


New Lithuania-Poland strategic partnership proposed by Christian Democrats

The Lithuanian Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats Party have put forward a proposal for the formation of a new strategic partnership between Lithuania and Poland. The resolution proposes to form a common position on regional security […]

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Adrzej Duda

Poland and EU at odds: an uncomfortable position for Baltic States

The return to power of the PiS, the self-proclaimed Law and Justice Party, in Poland has become a real headache for EU policy makers much earlier than even pessimists had dared to predict. […]