Lithuania set to raise 2017 defence budget by further €150m

Lithuania is set to be raised by €150 million in 2017 according to a draft of 2017-2019 state budgets developed by the Finance Ministry. […]

Finance Minister Rimantas Šadžius

Lithuanian government targets budget surplus

The Lithuanian government is planning to have a balanced budget in 2017 and run a small surplus in 2018-2019, according to the Stability Programme presented by the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday. “This would allow […]

Laimonas Belickas

Lithuania in world‘s top 10 for leasing finance

Lithuania has the ninth highest level of leasing finance in the world with lease agreements signed amounted to more than a billion euros last year in Lithuania. A third of leasing finance was used for […]

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Remittances to Lithuania drop by 22% but still huge portion of national income

Lithuania remains among the countries with the largest share of national income coming from remittances even though the level of remittances dropped by 22.1% in 2015. […]