Vilnius synagogue
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Lithuania: my journey of return

As a Cape Town born Jew, my life has come full circle. Although I was born after his death, my zeida, Rabbi Shimon Ze’ev Aysenberg, played an indelible influence in my life. My father, Isaac Eisenberg, born in a stable in Mogilov, Belarus, in 1922, a medical doctor and writer, spent his life interpreting his childhood memories. […]

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Lithuanian formin didn’t attend Paris conf in diplomatic support for Israel

Lithuania sent a deputy foreign minister to the Middle East peace conference in Paris, while its neighbors were represented by their top diplomats. […]

Irene Angelico at the Berlin Wall, 1980s - Photo Courtesy DLI Productions
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Dark Lullaby: Irene Angelico’s belated pilgrimage to Vilnius

Acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Irene Angelico confronts her doubts and visits Vilnius, the city where her parents lived during the Second World War. They knew it as Vilna. […]

General Storm Jonas Noreika with his future wife Antanina Karpavičiūtė, Palanga circa 1936

Do the thoughts, ideals, and actions of Jonas Noreika epitomize the very best of Lithuania?

Do the thoughts, ideals, and actions of Jonas Noreika epitomize the very best of Lithuania; one of cooperation, respect, and mutual appreciation? Are his ideals ones we want our children, and our children’s children to emulate, now only growing, maturing, seeking to be guided by us – their role-models and teachers? […]

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Lithuanians who guarded Jewish massacre sites are guilty too – Lithuanian historian

Those who pulled the trigger during the Jewish genocide in Lithuania are not the only ones who should be considered guilty – those who transported Jews and guarded the sites of massacres should also be held accountable, a local historian says. […]