Hyperloop One technology

Hyperloop One representatives: Lithuania might be part of the project

In Los Angeles, Minister of Economy Mindaugas Sinkevičius visited one of the most advanced global companies — Hyperloop One — which is engaged in creating a new generation transport system. At the meeting, the company’s representatives presented the technology and vision they are working on: to connect Scandinavia and the Baltic States as well as Poland and Germany via the Hyperloop One transport corridor; they also proposed that Lithuania could participate in this process Ministry of Economy reported. […]

Hyperloop One delegation in Lithuania

Faster, greener, cheaper: Hyperloop One visits Lithuania

Hyperloop One spent a day visiting Lithuania and met with ministers, innovators and business community. They gave everyone updates of the progress they are making towards building the first functioning Hyperloop. They are currently building a test demonstration site in Nevada and will show off the first prototype in the middle of this year, Vladas Lašas’, representatives wrote in a press release. […]