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Why Lithuania banned Russian TV channel

Lithuania made international headlines last week when its Radio and Television Commission decided to institute a blanket ban on all programmes of a Russian TV channel. The channel in question, RTR Planeta, is registered in Sweden, but its content is entirely Russian-produced. The Commission had previously suspended broadcasts of individual programmes, saying they violated Lithuanian laws, but RTR Planeta would not stop. […]

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Lithuania creates precedent in EU by banning Russian TV station

Lithuania’s media watchdog has blocked broadcasts by Russian TV channel RTR Planeta on grounds of inciting hatred over Ukraine. […]

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EU to work out plan by June against Russian “disinformation campaigns”

The European Union‘s (EU) institutions intend to work out a strategic communication plan by June to “challenge Russia‘s ongoing disinformation campaigns”, heads of EU states and governments have agreed in Brussels. […]

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Peter Pomerantsev: Big media need their Geneva convention

As Russia wages war in Ukraine, attacking not just military targets but also basic common sense with aggressive misinformation and propaganda campaign, information has become a security issue. Faced with new and quite unprecedented challenges, big media is approaching a moment when it will need to have a Geneva convention moment – get together and agree on a global self-regulation mechanism, says British journalist and author Peter Pomerantsev. […]

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Opinion: Let’s not call it information war

They say that a so-called information war is raging and that we’re in it. A war is a war – there are friends and enemies, military action, military logic and discipline. […]

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Lithuanian TV watchdog channel representatives disagree on law application

The Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania (LRTK) and representatives of the Russian-language TV channel NTV Mir Lithuania disagree on the application of Lithuanian laws. […]