Russian foreign affairs ministry
European Union

Russia pans Lithuania’s counter-propaganda initiative in EU

A Russian official has criticized suggestions by several European Union nations, including Lithuania, to form a consistent pan-EU effort to counter Russia’s propaganda campaign. […]

Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko

Opinion: So long sucker or how Putin’s propaganda succeeded in playing the extremists

In the 1950s, Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Forbes Nash invented a Machiavellian game entitled So Long Suckers. To win, a player had to game, and ultimately betray, his adversaries. Today, as they sit in frozen trenches in what was once aptly named the Wild Fields, it looks as if the soldiers of the ‘Union of People’s Republic’ are the ones that have been played. […]

Edward Lucas
Global LT

Edward Lucas urges Lithuanian expats to help their country hold out against information war

British journalist and writer Edward Lucas has urged the West to “wake up” in its response to Russia‘s actions, calling upon Lithuanian expats to help their country in the information warfare. […]

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Opinion: How Russian propaganda missiles are fired

Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine is well-oiled. That’s more or less what our media concludes from the ubiquitous lies diffusing from the Russian TV channels. When you work in communications, the operation of this machine seems even more menacing because it’s not only the final result that you see. You understand perfectly from this result the amount of people, resources and impact employed. […]

Dalia Grybauskaitė

Lithuanian president proposes another anti-propaganda bill

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė has once again submitted her amendments to the Law on Public Information, saying the aim of the bill is to ensure national security and protect the society from hostile propaganda and disinformation. […]

RT's propaganda ad within 50 meters of the US State Department HQ.   Photo Ludo Segers

Opinion: Russian propaganda lands on America’s shores

For almost a year now Russian propaganda in the US was lingering in the fringes of society. Now the Kremlin’s RT hits the main streets of Washington, DC, and New York City with an ad campaign of a different kind. It seems that Russian propaganda, the often-ignored part of the war conflict, has hit right in the political heart of the US. […]