Labour Code

Lithuania may lose competitiveness if it abandons new labor code – IMF

Lithuania would not be able to remain competitive if it abandoned a new Labour Code that has been passed by the Seimas, but vetoed by the president, the International Monetary Fund said. […]

No Picture

Is Greece on the road to recovery? Lithuanian economists are divided

After the latest EU deal to extend more credit to Greece, Lithuanian economists are divided on whether the EU bailout has helped Greece and put it on the road to recovery, or has simply bailed out European banks at the cost of the EU taxpayer and the Greek public. […]

International Monetary Fund

Ukraine ‘to get $1.7bn funding from IMF within months’

The International Monetary Fund may resume credit to Ukraine in the coming months, according to the international rating agency Moody’s. In its review, Moody’s noted the Ukrainian government’s progress in reforming the country’s economy and […]

Christine Lagarde

IMF warns Ukraine it will pull €35bn bailout unless corruption stops

The International Monetary Fund warned on Wednesday that will halt its €35 billion bailout programme to Ukraine unless the country takes immediate action to tackle rampant corruption. […]