Vytautas Landsbergis

Vytautas Landsbergis’ wish for the Lithuanian government – less blood, more wisdom

“I hope that things will not be all bad in Lithuania, that we will avoid various collapses, violent actions, against the opposition for example. We are constantly beset by various scandals involving the government, the cabinet. While performing investigations on prior cabinets, it is time to prepare for investigations on this cabinet’s work and mistakes, which may or may not be malicious. There are things to investigate,” professor Vytautas Landsbergis says. On the starting year and what to expect in both domestic and foreign policy, a discussion on Delfi’s Dėmesio Centre with politician Vytautas Landsbergis. […]

Vilnius Airport

Number of passengers travelling from Vilnius Airport by public transport has increased almost four times

Naturally the airport in Vilnius is the centre of intensive movement to and from which thousands of people travel every day. The range of transport means they use partially characterises the whole system of city transport. The latest research has revealed a significantly higher passengers’ confidence in Vilnius public transport over the last seven years, a press release from Lietuvos Oro Uostai states. […]

Dėmesio centre

Political scientist Girnius: I think Skvernelis will not run for president

Talking about the past two years of this Seimas term, political scientist Kęstutis Girnius quipped that all we are missing is a Seimas inquiry into Vytautas the Great’s actions following the Battle of Žalgiris. What […]

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Foreign affairs

Latvian ministry doesn’t not consider claim to Lithuanian Railways over Renge track

After two Latvian companies claimed tens of millions of euros in damages from Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways) for the the dismantling of a railway track to Renge a decade ago, the neighboring country’s Transport Ministry says it does not plan to take action against Lithuania. […]

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Govt in bid to cut Lithuanian Railway’s passenger losses

Lithuania’s government is taking measures to cut state-run railway company Lietuvos Geležinkeliai‘s (Lithuanian Railways) losses linked to the transportation of passengers, set to reach around 34 million euros this year. […]


Five most impressive Lithuanian railway routes

On 6th July 1919, the first train of the Independent Lithuania left to Radviliškis from Kaišiadorys Station. On this important date, I would like to mention the most beautiful Lithuanian railway routes, which the organizer of train travel, the head of travel agency superkelionės.lt – Udrius Armalis, described me in detail. Travels: by Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Belorussian and Kaliningrad railways, not only by train, but also by locomotives and dresine – such has been the experience of over 10 years of the organizer of these niche travels, a press release by travel agency superkeliones.lt states. […]