Rimantas Sinkevičius

Salvaging An-2 plane is too expensive, Lithuanian transport minister says

Lifting the An-2 airplane from its crash site at the bottom of the Baltic Sea is too expensive, says Lithuania’s Transport and Communication Minister Rimantas Sinkevičius, adding he would suggest at the government’s meeting on Tuesday to leave the airplane on the seafloor. […]

Parodė nuskendusio lėktuvo nuotrauką

Inspection results for sunken Lithuanian An-2 plane due on Tuesday afternoon

A team of specialists started inspecting the sunken An-2 plane that crashed on May 16 with two pilots aboard while flying over the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Lithuania. The inspection results are due on Tuesday afternoon, says Edvinas Ivanauskas, director of the firm Mammoet Baltic which is carrying out the operation. […]

Artūras Andrušaitis

Rescuer suggests crashed Lithuanian An-2 plane could have been flying without rescue gear

Chief of the Lithuanian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Commander Artūras Andrušaitis, said on Friday that the An-2 airplane that crashed into the Baltic Sea may have not had all the necessary rescue equipment aboard. […]

Karinių jūrų pajėgų paieškos ir gelbėjimo laivas Šakiai

Lithuania’s prosecutors to launch investigation into airplane search operation

Lithuania’s Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas turned to the Prosecutor General‘s Office asking to launch a pre-trial investigation into how the search and rescue operation of the aircraft An-2 and its crew was carried out. […]