Alcohol found in blood of An-2 pilot

Prosecutor Simonas Minkevičius of Klaipėda Regional Prosecutor’s Office, carrying out an investigation into the crash, told BNS on Thursday that experts found 0.77 permille of alcohol in Mačiulis’ blood.

“Additional tests are being carried out and information is being verified. But these are the initial results,” he said, refusing to elaborate.


Experts concluded previously that Mačiulis died by drowning.

The An-2 with two highly experienced pilots went missing on May 16 en route from the Swedish port of Gothenburg to the Lithuanian port city of Klaipėda. Three days later, it was discovered on the Baltic seafloor. An examination two days later revealed a body of one of the pilots inside the aircraft. It was recovered on Friday. The body of the second pilot was not found inside the plane.

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