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NATO to closely follow Russia, China, Belarus drills near Lithuania

NATO will closely follow Russia’s military exercises near the Baltic countries’ borders, including its joint drills with Belarus and China, the Alliance’s secretary general said in Lithuania on Tuesday. […]

NATO karo lėktuvai

Biggest activity of Russian warplanes reported above Baltic Sea last week

NATO fighter-jets serving in the Baltic air-policing mission were last week scrambled six times from Lithuania over Russian warplanes flying above the Baltic Sea. […]

Romuvan Pagan Ceremony in Lithuania, ii Wikipedia

Charms and superstitions of pagan Lithuanians

Lithuania remained pagan until the late Middle Ages and, as such, was an object of curiosity as well as hostility for Christian Europe. Paganism, wrote thirteenth-century Franciscan scholar Bartholomew the Englishman, was “ritus mirabilis”. Christian scholars who described pagan rituals did not shy away from negative stereotyping, although sometimes their writings give neutral, almost ethnographic descriptions.

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Lithuania hosts survival training in Baltic Sea

Nearly 100 soldiers are participating in international survival at sea training exercises organised by Lithuania in the Lithuania’s territorial waters. During the training, pilots, on-board technicians, military medical personnel will train how to escape from […]