Dalia Grybauskaitė
Foreign affairs

Ukraine needs to be more persistent in reforms – Lithuanian president (Updated)

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė says that Ukraine needs to be more persistent in carrying out reforms rather than in demanding a EU membership prospect. […]

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European Union

Eastern Partnership: November summit should be forward-looking, injecting new dynamism

“The summit in Brussels should be forward-looking, injecting new dynamism providing a clear political vision for the future of our Eastern Partnership. Differentiation is key. As our resources are limited, the principle of ‘more for more and less for less’ should be implemented. We should focus our resources much more on those Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries who have made remarkable progress on their European path”, said Laima Andrikienė MEP, co-author of the European Parliament’s recommendations ahead of the EaP Summit on 24 November. […]

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Media watchdog to consider steps against 2 Russian TV channels

The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission (LRTK) on Monday will consider taking measures against two Russian-language TV channels broadcast in the country for alleged incitement to war and hatred. […]

Latvian banks handle many international clients

Latvian banks under pressure from US to curb money laundering

Will pressure from the United States, fear of losing the last dollar correspondent account, and an impending vote on admission into the OECD finally force Latvia to curb the laundering of dirty money for shady figures from the former Soviet Union via Latvia’s non-resident banks? […]

Jose Manuel Barroso, Petro Poroshenko, Herman Van Rompuy
European Union

Implementing EU trade deals in the borderlands could prove complex

Talks have begun between Russia and the pro-EU former Soviet states of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The sides are assessing how recently signed free trade deals with the European Union will impact the countries’ trade relations with Russia. The effect will be muted for now, but the agreements could have a larger impact in the future if each country adopts them fully. Full implementation will be challenging because of Russia’s influence and political instability in the three nations.
Analysis […]


Russia’s actions in Ukraine: Parallels with other “hot spots” of the former Soviet Union

The conflict in eastern Ukraine has clear parallels with other “hot spots” in the former Soviet Union, where the Kremlin has ambitions. The clearest parallels are with the Transnistrian conflict on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Unlike the rest of Moldova, ethnic Moldovans in Transnistria constitute just 31.9 percent of the district’s population; the ethnic Russians are 30.4 percent and the ethnic Ukrainians—28.8 percent. […]

Petras Auštrevičius

Auštrevičius: Russia’s gas blackmail is attempt to sabotage EU–Ukraine Association Agreement

Russia’s gas war waged against Ukraine is an additional tool of pressure on the whole European Union, seeking, at the same time, to sabotage the final signing of the EU–Ukraine Association Agreement,” says Petras Auštrevičius, Deputy Speaker of the Seimas and Member of the Liberal Movement Political Group, MP stated in a press release issued by this office. […]