Abdul Basir Yousuf
Foreign affairs

Afghan refugee family to reunite in Lithuania

The family of an Afghan refugee granted asylum in Lithuania is to rejoin him on Friday.

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European cities demand a say in refugee policy

“Europe hasn’t failed, states have – as administrative subjects”, Raul Romeva, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency in the Catalan Government, said as he closed an international forum on refugee integration earlier in May. […]

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‘People thought Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler weren’t real refugees either’

The latest wave of refugees and migrants to Europe has barely touched Lithuania, and only 11 have been relocated to Lithuania out of its total quota of 1,105. However, many people have expressed a number of unclear fears about the migrants and refugees and seem to lack solidarity with Western Europe, which has received the most refugees and migrants, according to Eglė Verseckaitė, a professor at the University of Management and Economics (ISM). […]


What is happening with Lithuania’s refugee relocation programme?

Lithuania has promised to accept more than 1,000 refugees over the next two years but has barely received a handful of asylum seekers. Though it is not believed that they will start arriving by the hundred this year, the number of those interested in coming to Lithuania is increasing. […]

Valdas Adamkus

Wave of refugees ‘cannot be rejected or trusted’

Former Lithuanian president Valdas Adamkus has expressed strong opinions about the refugee crisis affecting Europe, saying that the wave of immigrants could not be trusted, but also saying that categorical positions against the acceptance of refugees were also wrong. […]