Terrorist attacks will not encourage Lithuanian expats to return, says economist

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

“The main reason why our people do not want to be here, in Lithuania, and prefer the West is that wages and income levels there are several times higher. The security aspect alone would hardly be sufficient for them to return to an environment where they would not feel safe economically. Most of them can not expect the same level of income, or some of them do not expect to find any work at all. The security dimension would not make a statistically significant impact,” said Nausėda, the advisor to the chief executive of SEB Bank.

“Unfortunately, these days no one can feel completely safe because the borders are open. Perhaps, some states are not the target of the terrorists and Lithuania in this sense is in a good position. However, I believe that people will firstly look for ways to ensure safety in those countries they have emigrated to,” said Nausėda.

Nausėda stressed that people, in trying to ensure their safety, would first migrate from larger cities to smaller cities or be cautious in crowded places.


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