The 4 biggest benefits of an international baccalaureate education program

A student. Photo Erudito

We all want our children to have the very best education available. As of recent, there has been a major increase of interest, aimed at IB or International Baccalaureate programs for studying. “Erudito” International School in Vilnius (Lithuania) has been one of the trailblazing pioneers, being an early adopter of a globally-renowned program. Nevertheless, for a lot of us, the term of International Baccalaureate is not yet fully clear. In this article, we’ll try to explain it by outlining the 4 major, biggest benefits of it. 

IB Programmes have great core values

Public schools usually struggle when it comes to creating a socially friendly and accepting environment for studying. It’s common knowledge that a lot of public schools aren’t as oriented towards freedom of expression of the students and lack a balance of focus, throughout the curriculum. Some subjects might be taught really well because the program has an emphasis on them whilst the level of others could suffer as a result.

When it comes to the International Baccalaureate program in Erudito Lyceum, there is a major focus on the independence of students, tolerance, self-help, and high ethical standards. By following these values, the program is able to help raise creative, active personalities with competent and sufficient knowledge in a variety of fields, ranging from arts, all the way to languages and mathematics. 

An International approach to everything

We all know that school is an important part of everyone’s lives but life only really starts after it. This is why modern education should seek to build a foundation for a person, both knowledge and social-wise, upon which they can rely in further education or even when looking for work. With the world becoming more and more globalized and international, the IB program is tailored to suit the ever-changing landscape of our society. It emphasizes language classes and utilizes best-established international approaches to problem-solving. 

Universal recognition

Besides just having a focus on the right things in the curriculum, the IBDP diploma programme is also widely and almost globally recognized by employers and places of higher education. Whichever opportunity graduates decide to pursue, their experience and successful graduation of Erudito should open up more doors!

Allows talents and skills to develop

It’s crucial to help students find subjects or niches that they’re passionate about, at an early age. If they’re able to determine their talents and understand their skill sets before graduation, they can become more successful, much quicker whilst being very happy personally.

It is the aim of all educational programs to help empower that search and approach learning in a manner that helps each and every student develop their own strengths. The IB diploma program is proven to increase academic opportunity while simultaneously encouraging critical thinking and immersing students in a broad and deep range of subjects.

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