The Lithuania Tribune wishes its readers a happy Joninės!

Joninės in Kernavė DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Joninės, or John’s day, is the name of the Christian celebration that coincides with Midsummer. In Lithuanian, the celebration is also called Rasos (Dew Holiday) or Kupolė. The holiday is closely tied to old pagan beliefs, and many of the traditions have pagan roots.

Traditions and how they are practiced may vary, but all Joninės celebrations involve a bonfire and a party long into the night. Other traditions include music, dancing, jumping over the bonfire, wearing oak wreaths, floating wreaths with candles on rivers, and greeting the new dawn after the shortest night of the year.

In Lithuania, June 24th – the day after most Lithuanians celebrate Joninės – is a national holiday. As such, the Lithuanian Tribune will not be working tomorrow.

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