Top 5 Instagrammable Places To Visit In Klaipėda

Klaipėda old town Shutterstock photo

Klaipėda is one of the most beautiful cities in Lithuania. This is a cozy port, which in summer is one of the main resorts for those who like to relax by the sea and stroll through the streets of the old town. Despite the fact that Klaipėda is a port, there are no industrial facilities and an unpleasant atmosphere that are typical for other similar cities. This means that you will be able to make a lot of amazingly beautiful photos and videos that will conquer your Instagram followers.

In this article, we have collected the best places to visit if you run a personal blog on a social network. These are not only beautiful views, but also useful photos for your feed of publications or stories. For example, if you took care in advance and used the opportunity to buy instagram followers and post a new photo from a unique place, your content can get into recommendations, go viral and collect a lot of likes. Keep reading!

Banks of River Danė. Those who once visited this place are sure that it is one of the most picturesque and beautiful. Do you want to take a walk? Then this place is perfect to enjoy the scenery, look at the old authentic houses and watch the boats. Some sculptures are placed on the embankment, including the symbol of the city – the Meridianas sailboat. 

If you have recently settled in a hotel or apartment and do not want to go far, then this is a great option for an evening relaxing walk. Don’t forget to take some photos and show the sculpture “tree of love” in the stories. Your subscribers will be delighted with these views!

Lithuanian Sea Museum. There is a unique museum in the city, which is a see-through tunnel with many marine inhabitants. This is a great opportunity to observe the marine flora and fauna without getting wet. 

You don’t have to scuba dive, just raise your eyes and look around to enjoy the incredible beauty. Videos and photos from similar places get a lot of likes and often get into the top, especially if you buy real instagram followers so that publications are visible to more users. Remove the Reels and show a see-through tunnel in which sea inhabitants swim. An amazing sight!

Viva LaVita and the airport panorama. If you are looking for a restaurant with excellent cuisine and beautiful views, visit Viva LaVita. The peculiarity of this place is an open terrace, from which the Smiltine and the northern point of the Curonian Spit opens. 

The beautiful panorama of the Klaipėda port will not leave you and subscribers indifferent. Against the background of such a landscape, your photos will surely collect a lot of red hearts and enthusiastic comments.

Theater Square. If you ask a local about places to visit, it will be one of the first for a walk. In summer,  you can enjoy live music, and in winter you will find a large Christmas tree on the grounds. In short, we recommend visiting this place to any tourist who wants to see the real life of the port city and enjoy the wonderful moment.

Botanical Garden. Tired of the city? Well, then you can visit the Botanical Garden of the University of Klaipeda. This place is a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and retire with nature. The entrance to the garden is absolutely free for every visitor, so you can freely see many representatives of the local fauna. 

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