Traffic of vehicles with Lithuanian license plates burdened to Kaliningrad

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According to the press release, Lithuanian border guards working on the border with the Russian Kaliningrad region noticed at about 11 p.m. local time on Friday that the neighbouring country’s services sharply reduced the number of entering vehicles that had passed the examination on the Lithuanian side and were awaiting entry in Kaliningrad. The situation continued throughout the night and on Saturday morning.

According to information available to the State Border Guard Service, the Russian officers have not only reduced the number of cars with Lithuanian license plates entering Kaliningrad but also subjected drivers to tighter control procedures.

“For instance, Russian officers at the Panemunė checkpoint have granted entry to an average of one car with Lithuanian license plates and two to three trucks per hour. Earlier they would allow more than 10 cars enter Kaliningrad per hour,” the SBGS said.

Situation at other checkpoints is even worse, with traffic of automobiles completely halted at Ramoniškės checkpoint on Saturday morning.

Scores of cars with Lithuanian license plates simply turn back after finding out about the situation.
To clarify the situation, Lithuanian border guards have turned to their colleagues in Kaliningrad who replied that the obstacles are caused by malfunction of the customs computer system.

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