Twiplomacy: Lithuanian formin’s Twitter among best-connected in the world

According to the survey, the Lithuanian ministry along with the accounts of the Icelandic and UK ministries rank 4-6th in terms of the coincidences in followed and following diplomatic accounts. Each of these ministries has 97 coinciding accounts.

Last year, Lithuania was listed 5-6th with Norway, which this year climbed to the 3rd place with 101 mutual connections. The leaders of the rating are the European External Action Service and the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry, which have 122 and 112 coincidences, respectively.

“Building alliances is key to spreading a government’s message and to winning global hearts and minds. Quite a few foreign ministries use the platform to establish mutual Twiplomatic relations,” reads the presentation of the survey.

According to the survey, the accounts of the White House and US President Barack Obama are the most followed feeds by foreign ministries worldwide, but they show virtually no feedback.

Meanwhile, Obama is the top world leader in terms of followers with nearly 75 million followers, followed by Pope Francis with about 29 million followers.

Data for the 2015 Twiplomacy survey was collected on May 1.

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